Science is allowed in Islam as long as it serves mankind and nature and does not cause any destruction. There are Zero inventions by Muslims which cause any form of destruction to mankind.

Seeking knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim in Islam. Islam strongly urges mankind to study and explore the universe.

The Quran and the Sunnah encourage Muslims to seek knowledge and be scholars as this is the best way for people to know and appreciate Allah. The references in the Quran inspired the early Muslim scholars to study the heavens and science.

Religious knowledge is the type of knowledge that is able to reach everywhere and covers the entire universe whereas Scientific knowledge is only one little drop in an endless ocean of knowledge.

Muslims started with understanding Astronomy because the Sun and the Moon had vital importance in the life of a Muslim.

The Sun was used to calculate the times of prayer and fasting whereas the Moon determined the beginning and end of the month in the Lunar Calendar.

Later Muslims made great contributions in geography, physics, chemistry, mathematics, medicine, pharmacology, architecture, linguistics and astronomy.


  • Devised the First and the most precise calendar in the world.

  • Established First Observatory in the world.

  • Established the First centers of learning in the world.

  • Invented instruments such as quadrant and astrolabe which is used in astronomy, oceanic navigation and exploration.

  • Drawn the First Navigational and world map with all the continents and their mountains, rivers and famous cities.

  • First written accounts of extensive explorations. Columbus and Vasco Da Gama had Muslim navigators on their ships.

  • First written accounts of geographical and climatic information.

  • Arabic numerals were introduced to the world.

  • Invented the symbol for zero (The word "cipher" comes from Arabic sifr).

  • Organized the numbers into the decimal system - base 10.

  • Invented the symbol to express an unknown quantity, i.e. variables like x.

  • Invented the subject of Algebra (al-Jabr).

  • Invented Algorithm. The word "algorithm" is derived from the inventors name.

  • Established Trigonometry as a distinct branch of mathematics.

  • Many Others.

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